The Power of Laughter Story

Robert Foran – Student Journalist / Project Producer
"This project's purpose is to bring attention to some of the powers laughter can provide people through a collection of audio stories."
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John’s Story

John Parsi – Scared Scriptless & Urban Yeti Improv Comedy Performer / Lawyer
"I've developed kinships with people through humor and jokes and improv that will last for the rest of my life."

Erik’s Story

Erik Dahl – Scared Scriptless & Urban Yeti Improv Comedy Performer / Engineer
"I always lean toward laughing because laughing seems to bring people together."

Aneliese’s Story

Aneliese Palmer – Scared Scriptless & Urban Yeti Improv Comedy Performer / Improv Comedy Coach
"Having friends whose base of a friendship means that you make other people laugh is a really uniquely therapeutic thing."

Joanna & Max’s Story

Joanna & Max Halvorson – Sustained the complications of premature birth through the help of positivity and laughter.
"Laughter is the best medicine because I had Max, and Max's story... it was crazy."

Mary Jo’s Story

Mary Jo Mrochinski – Scared Scriptless & Urban Yeti Improv & Stand-up Comedy Performer / Actress
"Comedy and laughter are essential ways for us to cope."

Ron’s Story

Ron Crawford – UAA Professor for History Course A244: Studies in Film History: “Make’em Laugh!” Great Comedians of the Movies
"There is nothing more contagious then everybody laughing at something, together in the collective."

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