About The Project

ThePowerOfLaughter.wordpress.com is a webpage created by Robert Foran, a University of Alaska Anchorage journalism student. The purpose is to put a spotlight on the positive effects laughter can have on us as a society with a series of audio podcasts. These podcasts contain not only a general look into laughter as an important part in our fabric of life, but also shares personal stories from local people in the Anchorage Alaska area and beyond.

The people who have shared their stories may be similar to you and I who have seen what the power of laughter can do for others, or have used laughter as a key component to break the ice in awkward situations, establish lasting and loving relationships, or deal with hardships in life.

Laughter overall can provide so many benefits and be used in countless amounts of ways. It is now being integrated into popular practices, it is an amazing source of therapy, and has been the subject of remarkable studies in the field of medicine. Honestly, the content on this site only scratches the surface of it’s potential.

I do declare that these podcasts also provide excellent musical transitions contributing to the soundtrack, with many chosen in regard toward the stories.

Please enjoy listening to The Power Of Laughter.

– Robert Foran, April 2017

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